Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Our Funny Kid

These are just some pictures I have taken in the last month and a half of odd toddler behavior. For the funny lowdown visit my other blog for my feature, 'How I know I live with a toddler...' where I try to decode some of this bizarre behavior but usually can't because how do you decode an almost 3 year old?!?!?
Setting up for his audience

Jump. Jump high! He loves his trampoline.

'Take a picture of AJ, Momma!'

Pound Cake (his dog) is our Handsome Little Devil!
Don't even ask. I have no idea what he's doing.

Making Valentine's Day cards. He loves glitter.

A couple of his cards. He really enjoyed making them.

Adding flashing lights to his truck.

Fingerpainting gone seriously wrong.

He's getting ready for his Toddler Blue Man Group Audition.

After the whole blue fiasco. Clean. :)

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Kendra said...

You are one brave Mama with the finger paint.. I haven't even bought any yet! Very precious pictures :)