Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! Today it was so beautiful out! We went to church (standing room only even though we got there 10 mins early- a little surprising at the 8:30 mass...) and then to brunch at the Wausau Country Club. They had a nice spread there! After brunch we came home and played outside for awhile and Andrew searched high and low for the eggs and basket the Easter Bunny hid for him. It was a great day!

Andrew with the Easter Bunny at the Country Club.

This kid is just a golfer. No ifs, ands or buts about it. I think he dreams about golf. That is all he ever wants to do!
Pure joy on his face...
Not sure why Steve is wearing his winter jacket... Andrew and dad are going to have a really great relationship if Andrew's love of golf continues.

I just love this picture!

Of course he likes to swing the bat too!

And look at that form!! He's a lefty and even got lefty clubs from Grandma and Grandpa Lipowski for his birthday.
I bought that shirt and sweater vest after Easter last year so he could wear it this year- glad it fit!!

Finding his Easter Basket and treats. He found all 12 eggs that were hidden. He liked the eggs that had M&Ms in them and they were gone in 3 seconds. Note to Easter Bunny: Andrew doesn't really like jelly beans. He'd put them in his mouth and then, when they were good and sticky, spit them out. He loved the Cars book that made sounds. And the super balls in another egg. We must have bounced them around for a half hour!

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Kendra said...

He'll be a professional golfer AND Abercrombie Model!
Too cute