Saturday, January 8, 2011

A visit to Portage

At the end of August, Matt (Steve's high school friend) & Sara invited us to their cabin. We met up with a couple of other families there too. I was able to get pictures of all the kids (and barely any of the adults...). It was a little chilly but we all survived! We keep saying that we are going to do Wisconsin Dells in the winter... We better make it a reality this year!!

Matt & Sara's Vivian
Most of the kids in the boat (and Greg in the background)

Matt & Nicole's Mason

Matt & Sara's Ava

Our AJ :)
Greg & Amy's Hailey (Amy couldn't make it and their youngest, Conner, stayed home with mom)

Greg & Amy's Lindsay

Matt & Nicole's Drew

Matt & Sara's Vivian eating one giant cupcake- with no hands!

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